With global trade competition at an all time high, more and more international consumers are choosing fair products every day. If your company is committed to operating fairly and sustainably, now's a great time to bolster your reputation and boost your sales by gaining recognition as a responsible trader. If you are already a Fairtrade customer, check our Fairtrade Resources.
We have a range of premium quality assurance and certification services on offer to help you ensure your practices are sound and secure your place in ethical supply chains. We can verify your company's performance against a number of key voluntary standards with Fairtrade as our standard service. We can also measure and verify your company's private code of conduct, demonstrating your values and building credibility with your suppliers, buyers and the public.

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Putting sustainability at the heart of your business

Standard Assurance

We are still going strong as Fairtrade's certification body, and we can now also assess and verify your business against several other key voluntary standards.

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Impact Measurement

If you'd like to better understand and show the impact your sustainability program makes, we can help.

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Customized Assurance

Custom sustainability programs are flexible, can be adapted quickly to changing realities and allow brands, traders and retailers to show the real DNA of their business.

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Information Services

FLOCERT specializes in turning high-quality, customized data that supports all your supply chain needs into valuable insight for your business.

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