”Fairtrade gives me and my family security and stability for the future.”

Wilson Fabian Sánchez Atariguana, banana farmer, Ecuador

The roadmap to Fairtrade certification

The world of certification is big and multifaceted. As the certification body of Fairtrade, we're here to show you around. Find out how to become Fairtrade certified in three steps or work out how much it'll cost you to get certified. And if you want to chat about your specific needs:

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”The Fairtrade premium is used to build classrooms to our children and bring electricity to our homes."

Monicah Muthoni Maina, tea grower, Gacharage Tea Factory, Kenya


You’re in the right place if you want to become a Fairtrade certified organisation but aren't sure where to start. Whether you're a producer, trader, retailer or brand, you'll find all our useful services, resources and references just a click away.

If you’re a customer already, find the latest Fairtrade news and updates on this site.  You can find your "Fairtrace" access here  or you may make your


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For questions regarding invoicing, your certification status or for technical support, please contact us.

If you’d like to visit FLOCERT’s web portal to an interactive database where customers and auditors can view or update information relevant to the certification process,  login to Ecert.

Just get in touch; we're here to support you to join the ever-growing Fairtrade movement, and you’ll be boosting your reputation while you're at it.